Information about Lurenti

How it works

Booking a vehicle

Register: Create an account on Lurenti using your email address. You’ll have immediate access to search our entire market for exotic and luxury vehicles.

Find your dream vehicle: Search our vast selection and choose your desired vehicle.

BookBook the car of your dreams. The owner will verify your eligibility and confirm or deny your booking request.

Pick up: Meet the car owner to pick up the car. Many owners offer delivery, so they may bring it right to you. Walk around the car, show them your license and insurance information, grab the keys, and drive off into the sunset.

Return the car: At the end of your trip, replace the gas you used and meet the owner to drop off the car. Walk around the car again, hand over the keys and start planning your next adventure. 

Listing your vehicle

Register: Create an account using your email address. Describe your car, upload some great photos, and you’re ready to go. 

Booking: You will get notified when someone requests or books your car instantly. Confirm or decline the trip as soon as possible, and contact the traveler if you have any questions.

Meet the driver: Coordinate where and when you’ll meet your driver. Validate license and insurance information, walk around the car to inspect the vehicle, check the fuel and mileage, and send them off on their adventure.

Pick up vehicle: Meet the driver, make sure everything is in order and mark your booking as completed.


How Does LURENTI Work?

Lurenti is an online platform that connects exotic vehicle drivers with exotic/luxury vehicle owners. Lurenti offers a variety of filters that help drivers find the right listing, a messaging system that connects rentors to drivers directly, and handles secure payments through the site. Lurenti takes a 10% commission from bookings from rentors. 

How Does LURENTI Work for Rentors?

First you will create a profile, add a profile picture and bio. You will then create your listing(s) on Lurenti and outline certain specifications like make, model, exterior color, and other details. 

Once your profile is set, you can then go to the "List Your Vehicle(s)" section, which will prompt you to describe what kind of vehicle you are listing. Additionally, you will be prompted to specify your location and availability. You will be able to set your own listing price per day.

Driver approval is always up to the rentor - and once you get a request to book your listing, you will be able to deal directly with the driver. To make the transaction as easy as possible, it is often helpful to include expectations or specifications about your listing that might be helpful for drivers to know. You are also able to chat with potential drivers and even write 500-word reviews (as both rentor and driver).

When you've approved a driver, Lurenti handles the payments but holds onto the rentor's payment until 48 hours after check in. Additionally, rentors should thoroughly read Lurenti's terms of use.

How Does LURENTI Work for Drivers?

Lurenti makes it easy to find your dream car.  As a driver, you can go on the Lurenti website and search through filters to get the exact car of your choosing. To get started browsing listings, you need to create a profile on Lurenti. Once you've completed and filled in basic information, you can browse through our listings.  Additionally, take advantage of Lurenti’s contact program to speak directly with the rentor and work out details or get any questions answered before booking.  When you've found a listing you want, you may request to book and provide payment. 

Once you've been approved for the booking, the rentor can coordinate with the driver about specifics like license and insurance information, along with delivery and pickup options. 

How Do LURENTI Payments Work? 

To streamline the process, LURENTI handles payments and accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. 

Once the driver has chosen the listing, they will enter their payment details and will be charged upon booking. Lurenti will handle the secure payment to the rentor through the aforementioned methods two days after the vehicle is returned. Upon receiving the vehicle the rentor will instruct the driver to mark the order as completed on the Lurenti site.

How do refunds work?

In the event that you would like to dispute a charge, you may submit your detailed request for approval prior to marking your order as complete. The Lurenti team will then review your request and if approved, refunds can take 5-10 business days to appear on your statement.


Lurenti takes a 10% commission from the rentor's total booking fee. 

What is LURENTI's Pricing?

All list pricing is determined by the rentor.