MVP Miami

You aren’t reading this because you will be satisfied with some sub-compact from an airport rental agency. You want to make an impression when you arrive at your destinations. Whether it’s taking a prospective client to lunch, or a new friend to a club you want to present just the right image. MVP didn’t invent the exotic car rental industry, we’re just the only ones doing it right. For starters, unlike others in town we aren’t brokers or distributors, MVP owns its own fleet. That means the car you see pictured on this site is the same one you get. If you say you want it for four days, you have it for four days. We don’t borrow or loan out vehicles to other dealers. We don’t share cars, so you don’t have to either. No other agency in Florida can promise that. Second, you’re not just renting a vehicle, you are getting concierge service. Dedicated you 24 hours a day. What you need we’ll provide you. Whether it’s roadside assistance or recommendations for nightlife.

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